Grinding Services

Wood grinding services are performed on and off site. We can grind wood waste for private businesses and government entities. We can help with wood grinding for cities and counties including storm cleanup efforts. We also offer grinding services for the private sector, such as large construction sites, road sites, developments, and other businesses needing to dispose of wood debris. While brush and wood debris collected by many companies are generally left to rot or disposed of in a landfill, PGC Mulch grinds the debris to be used for quality mulch. By doing so, we recycle and reduce the waste stream throughout the region. PGC is environmentality conscious.
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    PGC Mulch has a Vermeer TG5000 tub grinder to take care of those big grinding jobs. The TG5000 is an ideal combination of innovation and power. Powered by one of two turbocharged CAT Tier 3 engine options, it features a hydraulic tub drive chain tensioner that automatically adjusts the chain while operating as well as the exclusive Vermeer duplex drum, which offers optimum cutting performance. While other companies provide grinding services, without the TG5000, it can take weeks. We invested in a machine that can get the job done quickly so you can contine with your business.

    Have a lot of wood debris? Call for a quote on all grinding services.