Animal Bedding

Good quality animal bedding is essential for maintaining the health of valuable animals. PGC Mulch animal bedding is made from 100% wood. The moisture content is 10% or less and screened to limit as much dust as possible to promote animal respiratory health. The final product is of consistently high quality for excellent absorbency and comfort.

At PGC Mulch, we are committed to providing quality animal bedding options at competitive pricing. Our product is 100% organic. Our animal bedding is pure and never contains chemical additives, resins, stains, sealants, or wood fillers like other bedding products. Our product is the ideal material for horse bedding, turkey bedding, chicken bedding and all other livestock.

If you have a friend or relative with breathing or respiratory problems like asthma, you may know the many other problems this can create. Animals are no different. Since animals will browse for food on the ground, eating hay that falls onto their bedding is natural. Inhaling dust that may be laying among the bedding or created from the animal grinding the bedding to dust can be a common problem. Our product is designed to minimize these issues.
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    Horse Bedding

    Horse bedding is one of the greatest expenses for any farm owner. We recognize the importance of reducing animal bedding costs while maintaining the level of care you require. We know that horse bedding isn’t just sawdust any more. We are committed to providing the highest quality horse bedding options at the best possible prices.

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    Turkey Bedding

    Our bedding is dry, soft, absorbent and has less dust than most other products. We take extra steps in our manufacturing process create a more uniform product than the competition. Because turkeys are prone to leg and joint issues, plenty of clean, dry bedding should always be provided. Our product can be sized to your needs so that your turkeys do not get tangled in the bedding.

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    Chicken Farms

    The most obvious requirement is that it should be safe for your birds to use, but there are other desirable qualities such as the bedding in use should not compact down but be absorbant. Chicken bedding should be larger “chip” size, not sawdust size, which create too much dust. Our animal bedding keeps smells down and reduces ammonia in the air from droppings that can cause respiratory damage and eye problems. Our bedding also provides insulation from the cold ground during harsh winter weather. Our chicken bedding is made from softwood that has been dried overtime to inhibit mold growth.

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